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  Do you really have a ONE YEAR GUARANTEE on your sod?  
  Yes. We're so confident about our product, we have one of the best guarantees in the industry! To qualify, the following conditions must be met:  
Proper in-ground irrigation system has been installed and ensures adequate, uniform, and consistent coverage.
Soil was properly prepared and recommended installation and maintenance procedures were followed.
Sod was installed on the same day as delivery.
Sod receives adequate sunlight (6 hours/day)
Sod has not been damaged by pets or wild animals.
Sod has not been burned by chemicals or fertilizers.
Sod has not already been replaced under this guarantee.
  What is better, seeding or sodding?  
  To start new or replace old lawns, people wonder which is better - sod or seed. While seeding can prove easier to start, most people choose sod for two key reasons: laying sod is fast and provides high-quality new lawns almost instantly!  
  Why is Superior Plus Sod the best sod for me?  
  We've grown several types of grass over our history but no other grass performs quite as well as the new Superior Plus Sod. It is the ONLY fescue (green all year long, soft and stable blades) that REPAIRS itself. Other types of popular "long running" fescues require reseeding or patch sodding in case of problems.  
  How long will sod stay good after delivered?  
  Same-day installation is vital to the success of the new lawn! Sod is extremely perishable and will begin to degrade quickly.  
  Does the type of sprinkler system make any difference?  
  Just make sure you have enough overlapping coverage of your entire lawn.  
  Do I need to aerate my lawn?  
  If you have some high traffic areas that seem to go brown, it may require you to aerate the soil to loosen the soil compaction from the traffic.  
  For more information, contact Superior Sod: 800-344-7317.  
  Maintenance and Fixing Problems
What is the best way for me to care for my new lawn?

New Sod Care
After your Superior Plus Sod has been installed and rolled to insure proper contact with the soil, it must be watered. Correct watering is the key to having a good lawn from sod. For at least 7-10 days after installation, the new sod must be watered frequently to keep it moist at all times. Be sure that the water penetrates the soil to a depth of at least 6 inches. Under hot, dry and windy conditions it may be necessary to sprinkle the new sod several times a day to avoid wilt and damage. For best results, stay off the lawn for the first 10 days. Your first mowing will occur after 1 - 1 1/2 weeks. Fertilize approximately one month after installation. (See sections on mowing and fertilizing)

Once it becomes established, fescue will develop a deep root system. Therefore, a deep watering program will give you the best results. Seasonal and weather conditions will usually dictate the water requirements of your lawn. Under normal conditions and during cooler months, a twice weekly watering should be sufficient. Daily watering will be required during very hot weather. Remember to water thoroughly each time and allow the lawn to moderately dry out between watering intervals. For best results, always water during the morning hours. If areas of your lawn appear to wilt or take on a bluish-gray look, water immediately and more frequently.

Mow your lawn on a weekly basis at a height of 2"-3". For best results use a rotary mower with a sharp blade. Never scalp or remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade top growth in one mowing. Always collect and remove grass clippings.

A regular fertilizing program will help insure that your lawn remains strong, vigorous and attractive. Your Superior Plus lawn should be fertilized every 4-6 weeks with a quality lawn fertilizer. Check with your local nursery or garden center for the proper fertilizer to meet your needs.

Weed Control
If it becomes necessary to use chemical weed controls, use extreme caution to avoid damaging your lawn. Consult with your local nurseryman before using any herbicides and always follow the product label directions carefully.

Most insects that damage lawns can be controlled with routine applications of insecticides at the manufacturer's recommended rate. Be sure to consult your nurseryman regarding the proper use of an insecticide.

When Superior Plus is properly maintained it is less likely to be affected by common disease problems. If a disease problem is suspected, contact your local nursery or garden center for the proper disease control products.
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